Must-Try Dining Joints in Jacksonville!

A travel experience would not be complete without the perfect dining experience to pair it up. So, today we share some of our favorite places that could satisfy every foodie’s soul.

French Pantry
6301 Powers Ave., Southside (730-8696)

Firstly, you would not be surprised to see such a long line that stretches as far as the parking lot. The French Pantry is always packed because of their delectable menu items which makes you come back for more. Who says you need to be in a wedding to enjoy a wedding cake? Here, you can have a slice of wedding cake to reward yourself!

Metro Diner
3302 Hendricks Ave.,
San Marco (398-3701)

Breakfast becomes better at the Metro Diner which is sort of a staple at Jacksonville. Enjoy the busy diner atmosphere and if you want to avoid lng lines, you better get there before peak hours. Yo Hala on the Square is their well-loved item on their menu that we recommend you would take a bite of.

Bowl of Pho
9902 Old Baymeadows Rd
Southside (646-4455)

Want to go for more authentic Asian cuisine? Bowl of Pho is by far one of the most recommended Thai restaurants in Jax. They have a variety of items on their menu that you should definitely try. If you feel a bit lost about what to order, you can ask the staff for something exquisite. Beware on weekends though, for you would expect a large crowd.

Mojo Bar-B-Que
1607 University Blvd W
Southside (732-7200)
Craving for some BBQ? This place offers the best BBQ in Jax(well, in our opinion). You can savor the right amount of flavor and tasty sides to make your meal all worthwhile. The onion rings, the brisket, the hot sauce and the burnt ends. What more can you ask for?

Sweet Theory Baking Co
1243 King St
Westside (387-1001)

Being a vegan makes it sometimes impossible to enjoy pastries as you could never be sure which ones have no eggs included. Well, consider this place to be a vegan heaven for your beloved pastries. Take a bite on donuts, biscuits and cupcakes that would never fail to satisfy your sweet tooth!

What’s your favorite dining joint here in Jax? Share your thoughts below on the comments section.

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