What’s Good About Jacksonville, Anyway?

You might be asking, “What’s so good  about Jacksonville anyway”? We’ll try to answer that question to help you get a good glimpse of the life in Jacksonville.

Pets are Welcome

You don’t need to leave your pet with your friends or with your neighbors. Bring them along to Jacksonville which is a pet-friendly city. From restaurants to dog parks, your pet will feel more than welcome.

Best Weather

Jacksonville provides beautiful weather all year long – not too warm and not too cold. While you’re friends are freezing during February, you would enjoy basking under the sun and catching some waves.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Jacksonville has the largest urban park system in the whole country. This is awesome particularly for people who love to explore the outdoors and get more closer to nature. You can have 111,000 acres to include in your adventures.

Downtown is Equal to Fun

Not only would you enjoy picturesque views but also you would have access to a lot of entertainment hubs that would make your trip more memorable. The most mouthwatering dishes can be spotted here, too!

Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

If you love parties, this would be something to look for ward to every year. A massive rivalry game between Florida and Georgia can mean tailgating and outdoor parties that would let you have a blast.

Wide Beaches For Free

You don’t need to pay anything to enjoy the sparkling waters of the ocean. Jacksonville has a long coastline which gives you a lot of beaches to explore. You can take a lovely walk or enjoy the sunset.

Great Job Market

If you’re considering to move to Jacksonville, you don’t need to worry about not paying your bills. The job market is performing quite well with an unemployment rate that is below the average. There are some big employers that would give sufficient jobs for everyone.

Brew It Baby!

Jacksonville is the home to breweries that would give you a great taste of the local flavors. You can go on a tour at the craft breweries all over the city while appreciating the fine views.

Bask Yourself in Culture

Not many people would associate Florida with culture but here in Jacksonville, it’s all about culture. There are awesome museums, jazz festivals, art shows and entertainment spots that would make your artistic soul merry.


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